North Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents cause hundreds of preventable injuries and deaths every year. In most cases, a driver’s negligence contributed to the incident.

When you are hurt in a vehicle accident while walking, running, or using a wheelchair on a thoroughfare, an experienced personal injury attorney at BG Law can help you seek compensation from the driver who injured you.

Capable legal representation helps ensure you receive fair financial recovery for your injuries. A North Kansas City pedestrian accident lawyer can identify all the parties that contributed to your accident, collect evidence to prove their fault, and represent you in negotiations with their insurance companies and, if necessary, take them to court.

Pedestrian Accidents Cause Severe Injuries

Pedestrians stand little chance against an oncoming vehicle. Collisions between vehicles and people almost always cause severe injuries to the person, even at low speeds.

Fractures, severe abrasions, and soft tissue injuries like whiplash are some of the less serious injuries a pedestrian might suffer. More severe injuries include internal damages, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis. Regardless of the severity of the physical injuries, pedestrians often experience deep psychological wounds due to the accident.

A compassionate North Kansas City pedestrian injury attorney can help a survivor manage their medical bills after the accident and ensure they get appropriate care. If the pedestrian’s insurance does not cover all their expenses, one of the diligent legal professionals from our firm could negotiate a medical lien with the hospital or other health care providers.  

State Laws Govern and Protect Pedestrians

Missouri has enacted multiple statutes that govern how pedestrians use the roadways. Some people believe that pedestrians always have the right of way, but that is not true. 

Pedestrians only have the right-of-way when they cross a street at a crosswalk without a traffic control device like a stop light or pedestrian signal. State laws require pedestrians to:

  • Use marked crosswalks whenever they are available
  • Obey the light at any intersection that has a light
  • Use sidewalks when they are available
  • Travel on the left side of the road or the shoulder facing oncoming traffic if the road has no sidewalk
  • Cross only at intersections and marked crosswalks
  • Avoid stepping into the road in front of oncoming traffic

Pedestrians should take reasonable precautions to be sure they are visible. Wearing a safety vest or other bright-colored clothing is advisable. Reflective clothing and a flashlight or headlamp are necessary equipment after dark. When a pedestrian follows the law and takes reasonable safety precautions, it helps us make a strong case for damages after an accident. 

Shared Responsibility and Pedestrian Accidents

Missouri Revised Statutes § 300.410 requires drivers to use the highest degree of care to avoid pedestrians. In most pedestrian accidents, the driver failed to uphold their duty to use the highest degree of care, and a skilled attorney could prove they were negligent. Negligence triggers the responsibility to pay compensation. 

However, a pedestrian also might have been negligent. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control notes that in almost one-third of fatal pedestrian accidents, the pedestrian consumed more than the legal limit of alcohol. A pedestrian who has consumed alcohol might be partially responsible for their injuries if they were walking erratically. Pedestrians also could be liable if they disobeyed the laws regarding pedestrian conduct, used the roads while distracted with their phones, or walked in the dark without visibility aids.

State law allows negligent parties to claim reduced compensation from other negligent parties. When an injured pedestrian is partially responsible for an incident, they could collect a percentage of their damages, but are still responsible for the portion attributed to their conduct. A knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer in North Kansas City can explain how fault allocation might work in a specific case during a private consultation. 

Enlist the Help of a North Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Any driver who hits a pedestrian almost always bears at least partial responsibility. You could hold them accountable for their actions by working with a North Kansas City pedestrian accident lawyer.

The sooner one of our dedicated legal professionals at BG Law begins working on your case, the sooner you could receive compensation. Call today to speak with a well-practiced attorney.

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