Kansas City's Class Action Attorney

Often when a consumer suffers an injustice because of a large company’s unfair practices, their individual damages do not justify hiring an attorney to pursue their individual claim. A class action lawsuit allows numerous consumers to band together and bring their claims collectively in an efficient and practical manner.

Blake Green has built a reputation as a leader in large, complex class actions and multi-plaintiff lawsuits.

Blake has successfully prosecuted numerous complex multi-plaintiff cases on state, regional and nationwide levels, vigorously defending the rights of everyday consumers against unfair business practices and dangerous products. Blake has prosecuted class actions against auto dealerships for charging unfair and deceptive fees, against auto manufacturers for failing to recall defective vehicles, and against health care facilities for denying injured patients the benefits of their health insurance, to name a few.

Blake has provided legal representation for class action, consumer protection, and personal injury cases that have yielded millions in settlements & judgments for our clients.

Examples that may lead to Class Action Lawsuits:

  • Defective merchandise
  • False and misleading labels
  • Unfair business practices
  • Predatory lending practices
  • Loss due to the spill of dangerous chemicals
  • Racial, age, or gender discrimination by an employer
  • Pharmaceuticals with undisclosed, harmful side-effects

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